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She wants revenge on the person who hurt her feelings the last time. She is determined to make sure that no one else gets hurt this time. The concert for She Wants Revenge is her way of taking care of what she has wanted for weeks. The music and laughter are a release from the stress of the original injury. And the people who have helped her in some way are the ones who are going to get her back.
the She Wants Revenge concert is a recording of a live performance that was made at the ancient gerontion music festival in the early 2000s. The concert is a re-creation of the performance with the same instruments and members of the original lineup. The goal of the concert is to entertain and instruct attendees about the need for revenge. She wants to be able to feel like she is in control of her life again. She starts the concert with a songs about revenge and how she's yet to be able to hurt someone again. The band starts and the crowd starts to get into the song. She starts to sing about how she's going to get the revenge she desires and the crowd starts to sing along. The band starts to play and the crowd starts to get more into the song. The crowd starts to sing along with the song and the man behind the scenes starts to get more visible. The man starts to sing about how it's the era of the She Wants Revenge and how the song is being used to remind people of what is happening. The man behind the scenes starts to get more visible and the man starts to sing the song with more force.